8th Grade Activities


8TH Grade Activities Parent Information

2019 8th EOY Activities

Dear Eighth Grade Students, Parents, and Guardians:

As we begin the school year 2018-2019, we congratulate our students on the successes they have attained thus far. We would like to provide you with information regarding the 8th grade activities we have planned for this school year, to afford you the opportunity to make the appropriate arrangements. Please note that students will earn their activities by meeting the academic, attendance, and behavior requirements during the school year.

Behavior: Students who have been recommended for expulsion, found in possession of a controlled substance, or involved in a fight will be excluded from the end of the year activities. Students receiving 2 or more In School Suspensions or Out Of School Suspensions during the first or second semester grading period will be ineligible for the designated activities:

Below is a list of the 2018-2019 8th grade activities with guidelines and a brief explanation of each:

Winter Wonderland: On December 7, 2018. 7th and 8th graders will enjoy dancing, socializing, and music by a DJ. Cost: $3. Snacks will be for sale.

College Tour:  We will have a sign-up sheet for the first 50 students to attend two different colleges. The cost is $10.  One of the most compelling and important reasons to tour colleges is to see it firsthand! We would like the students to walk around, soak up the atmosphere, and listen to what the instruction tells them about how it would suit their personal and academic goals. We will like to see the buildings inside and out, including classrooms, dorms, dining halls, gyms, music rooms, and science labs.

Eighth Grade Class Trip: The trip to Kings Dominion will be in May 2019 from 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM.

Eighth Grade Moving up Ceremony: The 8th grade Moving Up ceremony will be held at 10:00 AM in the Cradock Middle School Gymnasium on June 8, 2018. Only 8th grade Cradock Middle School students will be permitted to enter.  Due to the limited seating students will be allowed to two (2) guests. Students and guests are asked to dress appropriately for this special occasion.  Male students- Shirt and slacks or a suit (optional).  Females students- Blouse and skirt/slacks or a dress (optional).  All dresses and skirts must be knee length and not revealing or excessively tight.

Yearbook Signing Party: This special Yearbook Signing Party will be held in June.

8th Grade Picnic: The conclusion of another school year at Cradock Middle School, we are excited to provide the opportunity for 8th grade students to attend our traditional 8th Grade Picnic. There will be rules and guidelines for attendance.

Payment Options:

Payment #1 $10 Deposit Nonrefundable October 24

Payment #2 $20 November 7th

Payment #3 $20 December 5th

Payment #4 $20 January 9th

Payment #5 $20 February 6th

Payment #6 $30 March 6th

All payment due by March 27th NO REFUNDS

Package 1

Yearbook, Kings Dominion, Meal,
Transportation, Picnic, T-Shirt,
 Bag & Ceremony


Package 2

Yearbook,  Picnic, T-Shirt, Bag & Ceremony


 Package 3

Picnic & Ceremony


 Individually Sold

Yearbook $20

T-Shirt $12

Bag $7

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***Please turn in to Ms. Davis in Guidance